How can you guys afford to service the system for 25 years at no cost?

On average, each customer gives us one referral per year. By providing outstanding customer service, we find that we benefit financially because of the word of mouth business we receive. In fact, word of mouth advertising accounts for 90% of our sales. Other companies charge $200-400 per service call, but when we have a lot of business in your area, it doesn’t really cost us much to send a technician out every once in a while. We don’t need to make money off our existing customers. On the other hand, especially in Saskatchewan, if we don’t provide outstanding customer service, bad news spreads even faster, so if there is a problem we make sure to make that problem go away as fast as possible. Admittedly, we also manage to be profitable because our system is top quality so service calls are just not needed that frequently. We do come once a year even if we don’t hear from you, just to change filters, test the water, and service the equipment.

We have found that this “old-school” way of doing business is not only more ethical, it is actually more profitable also. By not trying to squeeze every dollar out of each customer and just treating people well, our business has flourished and we are now outselling almost all of our competitors combined, and feeling good about what we’re doing at the same time.

Posted by infinite / Posted on 28 Jul
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