What makes Infinite Water different from other water purification systems?

First of all, we service our system for free, for 25 years. Water systems really need their own personal technician, and with any other company the product soon stops working as well, or quits altogether. Service calls are expensive, and customers in small towns or rural areas often don’t get the service they require. We put an end to all of this, with unlimited, free service calls for the duration of the 25 years. If your system stops working every bit as well as on day one, we will come and either replace it or fix it, with no charge for mileage or any other hidden fees.

Secondly, our product is made for Saskatchewan water. We don’t just soften the water, we completely clean it with our ion-exchange conditioning system which removes not just calcium but dirt, sediment, iron, rust, manganese, and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. Other water products often just don’t cut it, with the result being water that is improved but far from perfect. Most water purification techniques out there simply don’t work in Saskatchewan, as filters get plugged up (and are expensive to replace) and other methods just don’t completely clean the water. Our system is hassle-free, and our technicians do all the dirty work at no cost to you.

Finally, The maintenance on our system is minimal. In fact, the monthly payment to buy our entire system is equivalent to what the maintenance alone on other systems costs! With Infinite Water Solutions, you get a top quality (Gold-Seal rated system) for less money than what any competitor charges, with lifetime servicing and warranty included for no extra cost. It’s a no-brainer. We guarantee that your investment is the last investment you make on water in your lifetime.

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