Business/Home Office Water Solutions

Water treatment system by Infinite Water Solutions

Business/Home Office Solutions

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Do you need high-volume reverse osmosis water for your business? We have clients who own green houses, car washes, printing shops, grocery stores, hotels/spas, blue jug filling stations, and more. Give us a call for a customized quote before you go ahead with a competitor, and we will be able to beat the price and quality. An added feature is that with Infinite Water, you also receive the free service, a value that can’t be underestimated when you are a busy business owner who has more important things to do than service your water system.

Water Coolers

Business/Home Office Solutions

Unlimited Reverse Osmosis Water Coolers

Do you buy bottled water (blue jugs) for your home office or business frequently, or pay for delivery? We have a idea for you that will save you big $!

Infinite Water holds a line of water coolers that get plumbed right into the water lines (installation provided at no extra cost to you). These systems have a reverse osmosis filtration system built into them, meaning that the coolers produce “blue jug” quality water on demand, giving you that same quality without having to pay for water over and over again! If you are going through more than 1 blue jug per week, you’ll be saving money on a monthly basis from day one with our Easy Payment Plans.

Ideal for your shop, garage or home office, rental suite, reception area, waiting room, salon, warehouse, etc! No business should be without one!

Vending Machine

Business/Home Office Solutions

Blue Jug Filling Machines

Would you like to have your own blue jug filling station at your business? Some of our customers are building substantial revenue streams by having a machine in their business. They take up minimal room, require no extra effort from staff, and can be programmed based on your needs (for example, dispensing water freely or accepting coins and bills). Since customers generally fill the bottles up themselves and come back frequently, this regular walk-through traffic can also increase sales at your place of business.