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Iron/Manganese Systems for water purification

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Iron/Manganese Systems

In some instances, clients only need an iron/manganese fix to pair with their existing water softener, or the lab results show iron/manganese levels too extreme to be handled by the Deluxe Hague Conditioner on it’s own.

There are several iron systems in our inventory which are selected from, depending on the lab results of your test (no charge – covered by Infinite Water), such as:
– Chemical-Free Iron Systems
– Ozone Add-ons for Iron/Manganese Bacteria
– Greensand Manganese Systems (use potassium permanganate)
– Replaceable Inline Iron Filters (require no water usage – ideal for low iron or water conservation needs such as septic systems or low quantity wells/hauled water)

These Iron/Manganese systems can handle:
– Up to 20 ppm iron
– Up to 5 ppm manganese
– Sulfur
– Iron bacteria
– Manganese bacteria

Your Infinite Water representative will design a system made for your water, guaranteeing the following results:

– No more rust staining
– No more color
– No more “rotten egg” smell
– No more black or orange slime