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Rural Water Solutions

Problem Water Solutions

No one is better equipped to handle problem rural water than Infinite Water. Our competitors either hold only generic systems or don’t specialize exclusively in problem well and dugout water treatment. This is all that we do, and that’s why we are so confident in our success rates that we offer a 3-year money-back guarantee with $0 down on all purchases.

The Infinite Water arsenal includes:
– Whole-home and Commercial-Sized Reverse Osmosis Systems
– Nitrate/Sulfate Removal (for the whole home, or just for drinking)
– UV Lights
– Replaceable Pre-Filters for Smell and Sediment
– Self-Cleaning Silt Pre-filters
– Reverse Osmosis Unit add-ons (higher flow, mineral injection stages, RO-UV additions)
– Chlorination Systems
– Specialty Inline Filters (nitrate, sulfate, iron, manganese, calcite, etc.)
– pH-Reversing Units (for acidic or naturally salty water)

If you need some help with your problem water, and we don’t have the solution, no one does. Give us a call!