Rural Solutions – Water Softeners/Conditioners

Hague Conditioner - Deluxe Model

Hague Conditioner

Deluxe Model

The Hague Watermax, with its patented multi-compartment system is capable of 83 different configurations. This allows the Watermax to simultaneously address multiple well water problems, specifically those unique to Saskatchewan water.

The superior construction of the Watermax versus conventional water softeners includes its patented directional flow screens. These screens are laser welded to an injection-molded tank made of glass filled polypropylene.

The Watermax can pack pounds of a variety of media in each compartment, media that is necessary to correct some of the most severe problem water.

Designed to be friendly to the environment, the Systems Controller precisely calculates the solution to your water supply needs, allowing the Watermax to use less water, less regenerate, and less energy.

Conventional water softeners simply don’t cut it for most rural water – they simply don’t work or last, causing them to be a huge pain point and massive money pit. When it comes to water treatment, we believe in doing something properly, once, so that it’s taken care of for the rest of your life.

This system comes with:
– Industry-Leading Lifetime/25 year Warranty including Media
– Custom-built Media Compartments to Handle Multiple Water Problems (tannin, iron, manganese, nitrates/sulfates, general filtration)
– Self-cleaning, built-in 30 micron filter
– Bacteria protection
– Absolute Brining Technology for Maximum Efficiency (Water/Salt)
– Uses just 29 gallons of water on a regeneration
– Unlimited Free Phone Support
– Free Installation

This system can handle:
– Up to 110 grains Water Hardness
– Dirt and Sediment
– Very High Flow Rates or Multiple Houses (19 GPM – equivalent to 6 pressure washers simultaneously)
– Up to 12 ppm ferrous iron
– Up to 2 ppm tannin
– Manganese, sulfates, nitrates (depending on levels and pH)

Infinite Water Softener - Budget Model

Infinite Water Softener

Budget Model

This system is designed for anyone just wanting/needing a basic water softener without all the “bells and whistles” Hague offers, allowing them to get a high-quality softener for less than the price tag of the Deluxe model. This system is suitable for a client only concerned with water hardness (calcium/magnesium), and would not be suitable for multiple water problems or significant water hardness. It would, however, be suitable for a client with pre-treatment for other water problems and water hardness in the low or moderate range.

This system comes with:
– 5/10 year warranty
– High-quality Fleck valve
– Free Installation
– Unlimited Free Phone Support

This system can handle:
– 40 grains of water hardness Max
– Water Hardness only (Calcium & Magnesium)