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Water Purifi­cation for Your Dugout System

Whether your dugout water is pumped directly or passes through a seepage well, Infinite Water can treat these issues through our water filter systems. Though tricky, dugout water is no match for the right water filtration technology. Our customers in Saskatchewan have been genuinely surprised by the quality of this water after it undergoes our water purification process. The ultimate result is indistinguishable from bottled water and our reliable filtration process has a 100% success rate to date! While seepage wells have beneficial qualities, such as extra filtration, they introduce an added layer of problems such as higher concentrations of iron and iron bacteria. Our water filters can address these issues to ensure safe water for household use.

We Customize Your Water Filtration Based on Several Factors

Dugout water comes in numerous different varieties and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ water purification solution. However, Infinite Water is based in Saskatchewan, so we understand what it takes to treat your rural water source. Because every dugout is different and needs a customized approach to water filtration, we consider the following factors when devising your treatment plan:

  • Quality of the surface water
  • Presence of a seepage well
  • Presence of aeration

Infinite Water Offers a Range of Water Purification Solutions

Ranging in scope from water softeners and conditioners to complete drinking stations purified by reverse osmosis, Infinite Water has a variety of water filtration solutions to ensure safe dugout water. Among your options are:

  • Self-Flushing Catch-All Filtration Units – This cutting-edge dugout technology will address any water concerns, including iron, manganese, and sulfur.
  • Self-Flushing Filtration Units – These water filtration systems are designed to address dugout smell.
  • Chlorination Systems – As a last resort, these systems are meant for extreme problems.
  • Whole-Home Reverse Osmosis – These systems are also used to address severe issues.
  • Iron and Iron Bacteria Systems – We use units of this variety for seepage wells with high iron counts.
  • UV Protection – Infinite Water can implement this safeguard for drinking water or the whole home.
  • Drinking Stations – Investing in a drinking station will result in “better than bottled” water.

Call Infinite Water for a No-Cost Analysis Today

Infinite Water’s home is in Saskatchewan, with offices in Saskatoon, Regina, and Weyburn. We also have full-time technicians in Hepburn and Prince Albert. With staff scattered throughout the province, we are always right around the corner when you need water treatment services. We are happy to provide a no-cost analysis and quote to help you make an informed decision about your water purification solution. Contact us today and you can have expertly filtered water at your home in no time.