Do you plan to expand outside of Saskatchewan?

No, we do not plan to expand our business outside of Saskatchewan, although we do venture a bit into Albert and Manitoba on our annual service routes.  We aren’t interested in scaling into other provinces or growing to a point that the management doesn’t know our customers by name – we earn a reasonable and decent living while providing a service that is useful to our community.  Saskatchewan is our home, and our goal isn’t to expand, it’s to put our efforts and resources into providing the best product and customer service experience possible for our existing and new clients, so it’s something we can feel proud of.  We also love knowing this province inside out and watching the reaction from clients when we have not only heard of their obscure hamlet but have other clients there.  Besides, rural Saskatchewan has the most challenging water conditions on the continent, and that keeps things interesting.

My water tested “fit for infants.” Does that mean I don’t need filtration?

“Fit for infants” is a phrase used to describe the fact that your water tests under 10ppm of nitrates and that the nitrate level is fit for infants – it doesn’t refer to the overall water quality. In fact, most of the time when this phrase is shared, nothing has been tested with the water except for bacteria and nitrates. This means that the water is likely “safe” for single use, but it does not speak to the overall purity for secondary contaminants or the healthiness of consuming the water long-term. For example, your water could be high in lead, arsenic, manganese, and various chemicals but still, get the “safe for infants” designation because it’s low in nitrates. It’s important that you know the difference between “primary contaminants” (bacteria and nitrates, or the $30 Sask Water test) and “secondary contaminants” (various other metals and minerals) covered by more expensive ($100-200 tests. Safe water simply means you won’t get sick today if you drink it, whereas healthy water requires a much more detailed analysis.

Are RO systems wasteful?

Reverse osmosis does always waste some water, but it’s possible to get low-waste systems (1:1) or even zero-waste systems/kits. In any event, it’s important to note that most “one-tap” or “under-the-sink” RO systems don’t waste as much as you think. Considering that the average Canadian uses 75 gallons per day and only drinks half a gallon of water, even a “regular efficiency” 4:1 waste ratio only adds a few gallons to your overall water usage as it’s only on the “drinking tap.” The overall cost difference in your water bill? About $1/month for a single-person household on a low-efficiency system, or $1/month for a large household on a high-efficiency system. Clients can also add a zero waste system (available on “one-tap” RO systems only), which can pay off when on city water or paying for septic pump outs.

Do you have to send someone to my home? I’m busy, and just shopping around right now anyways.

Absolutely not! In fact, 80% of our new business does not involve an in-home consultation. Covid changed the way we did things a bit, and by reducing upfront expenses (sales representative travel, etc.), we can put that saved expense into giving more competitive prices. We really just need a water sample, which some clients prefer to mail in (any rinsed-out 500mL container is fine!) or even drop off. We typically have results back within 1 business day, along with a detailed email quote. That way, you can take your time to pour through the information and the offer, including maintenance cost, is documented clearly. If we require a few other details such as pictures of the mechanical room or a quick flow test we can walk you through, that can be done in minutes.

With that being said, we understand that other clients would rather do business face to face, or want someone on-site to view their space, check out their existing equipment, or sit down with them to pour over options, especially our rural clientele with more complex needs. We’re happy to do that, too.

I know someone looking for a system. What happens if I send them over to you?

We show you our appreciation not only with words but by paying some of that advertising budget we’re saving back to you – either via e-transfer or a credit on your account. We’ve had customers refer 10 or more clients to us (the record is 19). Not only will we treat your clients like gold, but you can also be sure that there will be zero sales pressure. A business that relies on word-of-mouth advertising as one of their only forms of new business is not only exponentially more motivated to keep existing customers happy, but can also run a much more efficient business model, keeping costs down to pass onto you, the consumer. Everyone wins.

What is the best water treatment system or brand?

Infinite Water is an independent water treatment organization, meaning we hold every major non-proprietary brand and every style of water treatment technology, giving us more options. Many companies are either branded (required to only promote one brand) or focus on one type of system (such as whole-home reverse osmosis) so the options are limited. Saskatchewan water is complicated, and there’s no such thing as the best system or brand – it’s what’s best for your household. Factors such as water quality/chemistry, size of household, budget, size of space, waste tolerance, and water volume all play a role.

Here are some questions you can expect to be asked by an Infinite Water representative (in person, through email, or over the phone – whichever you prefer), to help them recommend the best product(s) for you. How many people, including kids, live in your home full-time? Are you on rural (private well or dugout) water or a treated water source (live in town/city, haul town/city water, or on a municipal pipeline)? Would you like to work with what you have (existing water softener, etc.) if possible, or start fresh? Are you looking for a complete solution (whole-home treatment, drinking water purification) or just a specific goal (ex. iron removal, bacteria treatment, drinking water only)? Have you ever had a lab report done on your water (rural only)? Do you pay for water usage or septic pump-outs? Is the water usage just for household use, or do you have other needs including irrigation, spraying, washing vehicles, cattle, etc.?

Each quote is customized for your water and specific household needs, so rural clients who have never had their water tested should expect to be asked for a water sample so we can take it in for detailed lab testing (at no charge to you) to be able to give you a firm quote rather than speculation.

Is whole-home reverse osmosis the only way to have good water throughout the house?

Maybe, maybe not. Unless you just really hate hauling softener salt and that’s worth $10,000 to you, if you don’t have any extreme water issues there may be no feasible benefit whatsoever to having whole-home RO. There can be some confusion between whole-home water treatment and whole-home RO, which is a very specific type of whole-home water treatment. There are many options available, and many companies oversell whole-home RO, which is by far the most expensive. Whole-home RO systems are great, and we sell a lot of them, but not every situation would receive any noticeable benefit versus a conventional system that costs a fraction of the price both in terms of upfront cost and ongoing maintenance. Often, it would take a lab test to know if your bathing water is just “treated” or “pure” which is the difference between conventional technologies (water softener, whole-home filtration, etc.) and whole-home RO. It’s important the water treatment dealer you choose has a variety of options and isn’t biased toward a particular brand or style of system.

Do your systems require softener salt?

The Conditioners and Softeners do require softener salt (or the alternative of potassium chloride). Regardless of the claims out there, there is no technology capable of removing even a moderate percentage of the hard minerals from water except for ion exchange, which relies on the addition of something with a positive ion such as standard softener salt (used because of the low cost). The one exception to this is using reverse osmosis for the whole home, usually paired with the chemical addition of an antiscalant solution to prevent filter/membrane degradation, however, these systems cost well over $10,000 with the maintenance cost doubling that amount every 10 years. Our deluxe conditioners and budget water softeners are extremely efficient, using just 25-30% of the salt a standard water softener would use. The systems can hold up to 5 bags of salt at a time and use patented anti-bridging technology to prevent “salt-clumping.” Infinite Water also offers free salt delivery during the annual checkups, meaning that you will never have to haul another bag of salt again unless you want to.

How do you accommodate your client’s schedules?

We can accommodate your schedule. We respect your time too much to say that we’ll arrive sometime between 9 and 5. Our arrival windows are narrow and we offer evening appointments. You shouldn’t have to wait for hours or take time off work! Not only that but we have a full-time dispatcher and a sophisticated software system to keep you informed.

How it works

  1. We call you to set up your installation or annual service visit
  2. You choose the date and arrival window from what is available
  3. We send you a picture, bio and name of the technician who will be helping you
  4. We let you know when the technician is on the way and provide you with a tracking link

We’ll tell you if anything changes or if your technician is behind schedule. Alternatively, you can let us know if something happens on your end. This approach has earned us many positive reviews.

Can your system handle heavy iron, dugout water, or otherwise terrible "farm water?"

This is our absolute specialty, and what we deal with most of the time! Almost all water is fixable to the point of perfection – not just improvement – it’s just that some water is more expensive than others to treat. Think your water is harder than anything we’ve seen? Try us. We have a client by Estevan with 450 grains of water hardness, and his water is now silky soft for the whole house now. Were you told your dissolved solid level was too high for treatment, even whole-home RO? Well, we have clients with up to 13,500 mg/L (ppm) in their source water, who now have bottled quality drinking water to every tap. Extreme iron? There is new technology that can handle virtually any amount. Nitrates are 50x the amount that is safe for infants? That’s easy.

It’s always best to get a second opinion. While there are some instances that we have told clients that the water is untreatable, you might be surprised with the new technology available today.

I’m not really in the market for your system, can I still sign up for a free water evaluation?

Absolutely. Some people have already invested a ton in water systems, or maybe you just have excellent water. We don’t mind stopping by and giving you the free water evaluation. We find helping people out in this way is the best advertising for our company, and if you aren’t in the market you may have friends you refer us to if you like our approach.

Does your system waste a lot of water?

Some treatment options waste a lot, and some don’t waste a drop. For example, the Hague and Ecowater lines are the most efficient softening systems on the planet, wasting as little as 14 gallons on a regeneration (compared to 50-100 with competitor brands, and more efficient than even “high efficiency” models on the market. There are also zero waste iron filters, chemical filters, and drinking water RO systems available. The cost of water – whether you live in an urban area with a water bill or are on a septic system and pay for pump-outs, is always an important factor we look at. Switching to a hyper-efficient system can actually save around $50/year if you’re in the city.

Some rural systems, such as large iron filters and whole-home RO, do waste a significant amount of water. We always give you a detailed quote including the exact waste to be expected with any system, to be transparent and thorough in helping you decide what’s best for your household.

Do you use reverse osmosis?

Some, but not all, of our solutions do include reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is not the only way to treat water, but it’s the best way to remove “dissolved” solids from the water such as salts, metals, and other tiny impurities that are much smaller than 1 micron. Whereas most filtration-based technology only removes around 10-20% of the material and is usually specific to a family of contaminants, reverse osmosis removes virtually everything. This is good and bad. Since it removes all the tiny impurities, it removes all the healthy minerals as well. For this reason, remineralization is almost always included with our systems to add back pH/alkalinity and taste/absorption/health benefits associated with minerals, so the client enjoys the best of both worlds. We have many options, however, that don’t use reverse osmosis.

How can you possibly afford to service the system for 25 years at no cost?

To be fully transparent – we benefit financially from the annual services, so we are highly motivated to do it. By purchasing consumables by the truckload (literally), we’re able to secure volume discounts, so the retail rate is still extremely affordable for clients (usually just $150 per year for everything) allowing us to break even or even make a small profit after expenses (service technician wages, vehicles, fuel, hotels, etc.). We have also invested in a sophisticated software program to help optimize routes and have now aligned all our customers in certain areas together for maximum efficiency, spending up to 1-2 weeks in a specific area away from the major centers. The leaner our business runs, the better our prices become.

The real benefit to us with the annual service visits comes from word-of-mouth referrals, though. By being in your home every year, we can build a long-term relationship with you and we’re the first company you call when your best friend or relative is looking for a system. As a result, most of our new business comes from referrals from existing customers. This business model might not work in Toronto, but it works well for us in Saskatchewan. So, we can be proud of having the strongest ongoing customer care in the industry, while it builds our business in return – everyone wins. One of our favourite things is getting to know your family and community and feeling like part of it each time we return. No amount of revenue we could otherwise earn could replace the value and meaning we take away from that.

What happens if I have an issue with the system or have questions?

We have a local service hotline set up for just that. Simply call 306-382-AQUA with any questions – big or small. When you’re an Infinite customer, you receive ongoing support for your purchase, for life, at no extra cost. This is just one of the added value benefits of being our customer and supporting local businesses.

Why haven't I heard of you before?

Although our presence is strong in rural Saskatchewan, many city clients aren’t familiar with our brand. Although we have been in business since 2014, we’ve always relied almost exclusively on referrals and only recently (2023) started putting a few dollars into advertising. We’ve watched competitors focus entirely on scaling with big advertising budgets and forgetting about the personal attention to customers in their own community, and we’ve just never been interested in that. We check out pretty well online, though, which we feel is more credible than dumping money into a 7-figure advertising budget. The number of online 5-star Google and Facebook reviews about Infinite Water trumps the next 3 top local water treatment dealers combined, and clients can see that we have installed well over 5,000 systems, are accredited members of the CWQA and BBB, and have three locations, so we don’t need to advertise heavily to buy credibility. Many clients are also impressed that there are a staggering amount (900+) of customer reviews on the website that they can search for based on the area they’re from, surely recognizing a handful of names they know, allowing them to ask about their experience personally.

Is there any cost for you to come out and perform a water evaluation?

You do not have to pay for us to perform a water evaluation, and the water results are yours to keep. We welcome any opportunity to earn a new customer for life, whether that means you purchasing today or not. We just want to introduce ourselves, whether that means simply testing how your existing system is working and giving you advice for tuning it up yourself, or just showing you options to keep in mind for the future.

What makes Infinite Water different from other water purification systems?

In terms of equipment, not much actually. There are no local (or even national) companies that have developed anything of substance in terms of proprietary water treatment technology, regardless of what they may claim. So, you won’t hear us talk about “our system” – we are a distributor of tried-and-true products and cutting-edge technology that’s been proven and certified worldwide.

The real value of Infinite Water is the experience of our design team, the connection with quality products, and the commitment of our service team to install a system that’s right for you, backed up with industry-leading warranty and ongoing maintenance visits. We are an independent company with no affiliation to any brand, meaning we hold it all, from whole-home RO to more than 15 different brands of water softeners and specialty treatment, allowing us versatility other companies just don’t have. We do, however, have exclusivity in this province for the Hague Quality Water line, which has the best warranty of any water treatment product on the market – a 25-year limited warranty which includes the valve and resin.

There are some unique things about our service, though. We offer annual service province-wide, with no mileage, at no extra charge for our customers (cost of consumables extra, obviously). This means if you live in Langenburg or Maple Creek, you pay the same price as the Regina and Saskatoon people, with no charges whatsoever for mileage on your annual service visit, where our experienced techs spend up to an hour on your system to keep it running optimally. We also honour a price-match guarantee on every non-proprietary consumable or piece of water treatment equipment on the market, including online and plumbing wholesale prices, ensuring you can feel good supporting local while saving money at your one-stop water shop.

Are you local?

Yes, we are local! Infinite Water is 100% Saskatchewan-owned, by third and fourth-generation Saskatchewan residents who live here in the province. And we aren’t just “city people.” We’ve focused on including rural populations and small towns from the beginning. With service technicians stationed around the province (Emerald Park, Melville, Prince Albert, Hepburn) and annual service routes from Buffalo Narrows to Maple Creek to Oxbow, we market to nearly every part of the province. Our revenue stays in Saskatchewan, and we primarily hold North American manufactured brands.

How much does a system cost?

The cost of the system depends on your water and household. Our packages range from a few hundred dollars to $20,000+. The water quality, household size and particular water issues all play a role. The cost will change if you want us to use anything that you already have (and if that is possible).

A system that includes soft, stain-free bathing water and remineralized/purified drinking water starts at under $2,000 or $25/month. This includes a free installation province-wide. The cost goes up if you want or need more features like a lifetime warranty, high efficiency, or extra filtration (like chlorine or iron removal). Some complex rural water systems can cost $10,000 or more. Others only need a small upgrade with a cost in the hundreds.

It’s always best to speak to a representative and get a quote. It only takes a few minutes.

Fill out the form below or call (306) 994-6133 for more information & a free quote!